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Alstate Process Service provides professional and reliable skip tracing services. If you are a business owner, you have probably had a client or two who refused to pay for goods and services rendered. In most cases, you try to contact this person about the missing payment. However, there are issues that arise when the client is unresponsive or missing. Leaving you without the money you are owed. This is when you hire a skip tracer like Alstate Process Service. Reach out to our office today.

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Other common services we provide include subpoena service and foreclosure service.

What is Skip Tracing?

In general, skip tracing is the process of tracking down people who are missing, unresponsive, or simply hard to find. Skip tracing is an investigatory practice that is commonly used to pinpoint an individual's whereabouts due to unpaid debts or some unfulfilled financial obligations. The term "skip" was derived from the idiom "to skip town," which means to leave somewhere in a hurry without many clues on where the person went. And "trace" refers to the act of "tracing down" the location of the missing person.

How Does Skip Tracing Work?

There are three main aspects when it comes to skip tracing:

  • verify the information of the person we are searching for.
  • gather all of the necessary information.
  • contact friends and family.

Let's take a look at some more details regarding these aspects.

Verify Information

In many cases, the reason someone cannot find a person is that there is missing or incorrect contact information. The first step for skip tracers start by verifying the outdated contact information that the client has, which includes their last know address, a phone number, email address, and the social security number. In some cases, simply getting this information is enough to find the person. If not, we move on to the next step.

Gather All Necessary Information

If verifying the information does not work in locating the person in question, then it is time to gather all of the necessary information about the person. As a skip tracer, we will go through public records, letters, files, and proprietary investigation databases in order to find more information about the person. These records include the following inform:

  • address history
  • driver's license history
  • phone number records
  • employment history
  • social media
  • criminal records
  • tax records
  • court records
  • property records
  • civil records
  • credit header data pulled from credit applications

Contact Friends & Family

If the information in the previous two steps is not enough to locate the person, then the skip tracer will turn to contacting friends and family. If the person did indeed leave town, then the chances they told someone close to them is pretty high and we can learn more about how they left and their potential future location. Any information is good information at this point.

When To Hire Our Skip Tracing Services

If you are looking for someone and need professional assistance, then please reach out to Alstate Process Service. We provide our skip tracing services for clients across Long Island, New York. Get reliable and quick skip tracing services when you employ us, because we have years of experience and can change on the fly depending on the situation. Here are three common scenarios when you should hire a skip tracer.

  1. You cannot locate the person and have no idea where the person lives. So you need a lot of information to even begin.
  2. You suspect that the individual is living in a certain area, but you cannot locate the person.
  3. You want to verify if the person is alive or in jail. It is not uncommon for friends and relatives to protect someone from being found by claiming they are dead or in prison. We will search criminal records, local jails, and state prisons to see if the person is incarcerated or not.