Our Staff

Looking for a reliable process service and subpoena service? Want an expert in foreclosure services? Need a private investigator or perhaps a support professional to help with legal document imaging, document retrieval or legal advertising? Alstate Process Service Inc offers the services you need!

Alstate employs a dedicated staff of more than 60 professionals (many of whom are bilingual) and engages an army of independent process service contractors. When you turn to Alstate, you are in good hands!

Paralegals for Expert Personal Attention

A squad of paralegals serves as the front-line contact for clients. These knowledgeable staffers keep current on the laws regulating process service and pride themselves on personal attention. Whether your account consists of two papers per month or 2000, you can expect the highest level of professional and courteous service. No wonder Alstate boasts a large percentage of repeat customers.

Quality Private Investigation & Legal Support

Behind the scenes, we have trained personnel teams dedicated to specific tasks like preparation of affidavits, fulfillment of time-sensitive papers, legal document imaging, legal document retrieval, electronic data exchange and other document management services. When you turn to Alstate, you get professional legal support and process servers on your side that can handle anything you throw their way.

Top-Quality Process Servers

Efficient service is ensured by our pool of licensed, independent process servers. Our process servers are knowledgeable in the laws regulating our business and are also briefed on specific requirements of every client. Process servers are professional and experienced, and the majority have been associated with Alstate Process Service for 20 years or more. Our independent staff also includes court runners.

Experienced Management

Leading our team is an assortment of skilled senior managers overseeing operations and human resources, ensuring quality every step of the way.

Spotlight on Alstate's Founder: 

Thomas M. Kurinsky

In 1980, Tom founded Alstate Process Service Inc. in Deer Park, New York and was best described by Alan Crowe as the "The Quiet Giant of the Industry." He was raised in Maspeth, Queens and worked for a reputable Savings & Loan Bank which was where his vision of Alstate began.

His road to success started by working for 16 different agencies within New York. Tom eventually moved his office from the front seat of his car to a one-room office on Deer Park Avenue. In 1988 Tom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and although eventually required the assistance of a wheelchair, he didn't allow his physical disability to shatter his vision of what he set out to do. When Tom left us on May 12th, 2015, he left behind his wife Diane, three daughters; Denise, Diana and Dana, four grandchildren, his two dearest friends; Rose and Benito and 65 employees. Although everyone left behind is heartbroken, his vision lives on.

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