Heir Searches

Alstate Process Service offers a wide range of legal services, which includes heir searches. We have an office in Deer Park, New York, which is in Suffolk County on Long Island, however we offer our services to all of Long Island, the five NYC boroughs and across New York State. So if you are in need of professional heir searches, then give Alstate Process Service a call.

What is an Heir Search?

An heir search also goes by lineage search or estate settlement. In general, this is an action that is performed at times when someone dies without a will. However, there are times when someone dies with a will, but the heir laws of the state require that all known heirs of the deceased be identified. In times where an heir search is necessary, living heirs must prove their right to an inheritance.

During the heir research process, a professional genealogist usually conducts the heir research. And in many cases, this genealogist performs three tasks

  1. Creates the family tree.
  2. Retreives necessary documents to prove the relationship of each member in the tree.
  3. Prepares an affidavit report of the findings.

When you turn to Alstate Process Service, we will make sure all steps of the heir search are performed at a professional level.

Can Anyone Complete an Heir Search?

Technically, yes, anyone can complete an heir search. However, if you are looking for court approval you will need to turn to a professional, like the team at Alstate Process Service. There is no concrete standard of what exactly qualifies someone to perform heir searches, including ourselves. So it is good practice to hire someone who is qualified to do so, which our team is. We have years of experience in this field and can discuss the parameters of an heir search before beginning.

In the US, for a probate court proceeding, this decision will ultimately rest with the judge of the specific case. In many instances, the judge will request a copy of our resume, the credentials of the search firm, as well as the search services performed. The judge takes this information and reviews it. Then, in some instances, the heir searchers might need to testify to the findings. Which is another way of needing a professional on the side of the heir search. Because without the right credentials, then the judge may not rule in your favor. However, with our years of experience, we can pass as experts on the matter and our resume speaks for itself.

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Alstate Process Service has years of experience in this legal area. Located on Long Island, New York, we provide our heir searches for clients across the state of New York and across the greater NYC area. For more information about our heir searches and how we get them done, please contact us today.

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