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Alstate Process Service offers a variety of attorney support services on Long Island, New York, including help with writing and filing court submissions. Our attorneys and legals staff has years of experience writing and filing court submissions for clients throughout New York. So if you need legal representation and support, then please reach out to us today.

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We will gladly answer any questions you have about the submission process and what we need from you. You may also give our office a call by dialing 631-667-1800. When you reach out to Alstate Process Service, we can provide you with a free consultation and go over what you need submitted to court.

What are Court Submissions?

In a nutshell, a court submission is the conclusion of all evidence and argument in a hearing or trial. It is document for the court which summarizes all of the relevant facts, the law and a proposed analysis to bring to the two, on behalf of a litigant.

Once submitted, it leaves the decision in the hands of the judge. In most cases, the judge will ask the attorneys after final arguments: “Is it submitted?” If the items are submitted, then no further argument is permitted. Whatever happens is left up to the judge to review.

There is an art to writing a professional court submission. So you do not want to trust just anybody with the writing of one. Our staff has years of experience writing these court submissions that cover many different legal issues. We also provide motion submissions too. And learn about hearing or non-hearing motions.

What Makes A Good Submission

Any written submission serves two roles. A good submission introduces the judges to the client’s case and should persuade them to accept it. Or at the very least start that process. The first step is very important. It introduces the case. Its goal is to get the judge on your side with the hopes of keeping them there. To do that, they must understand what the case is about and how it affects the client. The judge is coming into this case fresh, so diving in and providing details about the client’s life is important. That way they see the point of view. And make the judge understand both the legal and factual background of the case.

The second step of court submissions is to have the judge understand the reasons the court should rule in favor of your client and the issues. And also, why the court should not find in favor of your opponent. Both of those sides need to be made clear.

Lastly, court submissions need to mention the relief sough. Make sure the judge understands what your client wants to get out of this appeal. Submissions lacking this information are not focused and any judge will realize that. Also, mentions the costs to your client if the appeal is not met. And when you are writing, make the argument as interesting and engaging as possible. Judges see a lot of cases, so ones that stand out and make a compelling case will help get a ruling in your favor.

When you turn to Alstate Process Service for court submissions legal support, you will be getting expertise you won't get anywhere else. We will make sure all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted. And that all of the paperwork is completed 100% before submission to the court.